A Man in Japan Invented an Edible Plastic Bag to Help Save Deer


I’m sure you have at least a friend or two, if you haven’t been yourself, who has been to Japan and haven’t stopped raving about it since. I’m talking, they went three years ago and they probably have found a way to mix Japan into every single conversation that you’ve had since their return.

The reason for this is likely because Japan is extremely well known for its tourism, and a lot of people travel there constantly. Obviously COVID has put a halt in travel… but when it wasn’t frowned upon to frolic around the world, Japan was an extremely frequented spot.

One of the larger tourist attractions in Japan is a place called Nara. This is where a man named Hidetoshi Matsukawa lives. In Nara, there are deer that are extremely well known when it comes to tourism, and are a highlight of traveling to the destination. Apparently, there are only about a thousand of them left. Unfortunately it’s been decently common for these deer to be found deceased because they’re ingesting too much plastic on a regular basis. That’s where Hidetoshi Matsukawa comes in.

He invented a type of “plastic bag” that’s actually edible. It’s made of rice bran and milk cartons, so that if the deer happen to get a hold of them and eat them, it won’t be a fatal endeavor. How awesome is that? This is the coolest thing.

It’s honestly people like this that are the reason our world continues to move forward, and it’s kind of hard to feel anything but grateful about it. Plus, startups like this only get the ball rolling for bigger and better things to come in the future!