A New Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shop Pop Up Is Coming To YYC!


Hi friend, so I know that we’re all really looking forward to summer and being able to safely enjoy these spring moments and the fact that the weather heating up *crosses fingers that we’re officially out of fake spring.* So when this time comes, we’re usually stuck looking for new activities to get into for the season, well my dude, look no further because I have the BEST plan for you AND your pawfect furry friend. The people who run The Pioneer on Stephen Ave are giving us a pop up ice cream shop for us and our animals! Lanny’s is going to be serving ice cream for dogs and humans on their patio and we couldn’t be more stoked!

The best part is…it’s going to be on Stephen Ave. all summer long running from May to September. Honestly, I don’t have a dog but this seems like the perfect place to take your pet if you do have one OR if you’re like me and just enjoy seeing pups having a good time, you can scope these adorable lil creatures having the time of their life on the patio eating ice cream from a far, which actually sounds kind of therapeutic. So friend, get ready to take your favorite four legged pal to Lanny Boy’s Ice cream for a delicious treat (or two) when it opens up in the next few weeks!