A New Pasta Spot Is Coming To YYC


Let’s get on the same level here for a sec…pasta is FANFRICKINTASTIC. Pasta makes you happy when you’re having a bad day. It tastes delicious. Pasta is probably one of the most versatile foods for any type of meal.  All in all, it is a superior carbohydrate and Pastasloot would have to agree! Yeah, you heard me right, I didn’t stutter…Pastasloot is going to be hitting YYC this season and we couldn’t be more excited because if there’s anything that hasn’t failed us during the crap shoot of 2020, it’s pasta. Actually, if we really think about it, how many times did we have pasta during quarantine? That carb was IT for us! I digress… Their food looks amazing so far and their Instagram is so aesthetically pleasing that it makes you want to go mow a giant bowl of pasta ASAP and we cannot wait to try it! They also claim that pasta>sex so it looks like we'll just have to try that out for ourselves...for science. Now the opening date is still TBD but apparently things are coming down the pipe sooner than later and our stomachs and spoons cannot wait! Pastasloot, we slootlute you!