A ‘Pink Super Moon’ is Supposed to Grace the Skies of Canada Tonight


Honestly, if it’s new and exciting and you can do it outside from a social distance, please for the love of goodness BRING IT ON.

There aren’t many things we can look forward to indoors, and there aren’t many things you can do for free these days, either. Good news is, Mother Nature has a little gift for us as we have pink super moon that is supposed to grace our presence on the eve of April 26th, which just so happens to be tonight!

The photos that are circulating around the internet of this supposed pink super moon are absolutely gorgeous, and you and I both know that our iPhone zoom photography skills likely won’t be able to do this super moon any justice, but maybe we can enjoy it the old school way and just look at it with our eyes and cherish the memories, or something like that.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been feeling a little loopy lately… so the idea of a full moon kind of makes you feel a little better about everything because it gives you something to blame your weird mindset on the last little while, right?

Either way, this is definitely something that a lot of people have been anticipating. I know we live in Calgary and it gets dark pretty late around here these days (which I have zero complaints about) but if you can stay up late enough tonight, it sounds like it’ll be worth the wait. So gather your social distancing crew, a blanket, and go sit in the park for some of this beauty. I mean, the weather’s been holding up for us beautifully – so this is great!