A Pop-Up Christmas Bar Will Be In Calgary at the End of the Month


Honestly, the FEELING of Christmas is what we fall for. That’s why it can be such a money grabber in so many ways. We’re all suckers for the way it makes us feel. There’s nothing wrong with that! The problems start to arise, though, when we’re spending our grocery money on décor for our apartments and houses because we want them to feel like the epitome of Christmas. I mean, of course you can go and look at outdoor light displays, but that’s not cozy. An indoor Christmas playground is all we’re ever searching for… so you are going to be VERY excited when you hear more about this.

This happened last year as well… which means it’ll probably just be even BETTER this year. And also, Christmas can’t possibly be any warmer and cozier, until you add booze. So this is quite literally the perfect thing. The cocktail bar, PROOF, is on 1st Street SW right here in Calgary and it will undergo what they’re calling a transformation for our very own Christmas needs. There will be Christmas cocktails and decorations and nothing but warmth and love, as long as you’re heading over there with the right people.

I haven’t seen a specific drink list but I can only assume it’ll be minty cinnamon sweet and savory cocktails and mixed drinks both hot and cold. Before you go and bash a hot mixed drink… picture a minty hot chocolate with a double shot of Bailey’s. Yeah, bet you wish you didn’t question me now, don’t you.

This bar will transform itself into Christmas heaven on November 25th, and remain that way until December 24th. There isn’t even a cover charge… just the cost of whatever you order.

But, keep in mind while you’re mixing Christmas and liquor… Santa is always watching.