A Radio Host Who Wants To Help Your Pandemic Burnout


Hi friend, if you’re reading this you’re probably tired and really feeling it right now.  I’m here to remind you that’s okay. It’s been a really rough year for so many of us, regular trials and tribulations aside, add a global flippin’ pandemic on top of that and anyone is going to really start to feel it. Especially a year in, which is where we’re at right now.  I was reading an article the other day that was explaining pandemic burnout and how so many of us are feeling that especially right now because it’s been about a year that we’ve all been in this thing and it really hit me…like a ton of bricks almost because right before reading that article I was feeling so fatigued and just distant from anyone and everyone and couldn’t explain why. I just felt so exhausted like even texting my friends to check up on how they’re doing felt like such a chore. But then I read about this pandemic burn out and had such an “ah ha” moment so I want to share a little about it and what you can do to help your cute little self deal with it too. Apparently many of us are feeling worn out and unable to cope, and even when we get enough rest and sleep it doesn’t feel like it. Maybe you feel like you’re hitting a wall or just can’t catch up so this is quite possibly either pandemic fatigue or burnout and neither is fun to deal with.

So some helpful tips to deal with it:

  1. Adjust your expectations as needed because obviously things are ever shifting and changing especially in this climate. If you need to take a couple extra items off your plate don’t feel guilty or bad for doing this.
  2. Try giving your day some structure and scheduling certain things in like work breaks or going for a walk even.
  3. Boundaries! Create them with your pals, family members, partner, whoever is living in your space with you. Make sure you have them and also enjoy some alone time cause heck, that’s important!
  4. Therapy is a great one if it is accessible for you. You might not think you need to talk to anyone but let’s get real, we all need to chat with someone especially in a global pandemic.
  5. Get enough sleep, food and exercise. I have personally found a lot of help with this golden trifecta- trust me, it works wonders when you eat proper foods, move your body and get some rest to reset.

I know most of these seem like no brainers but they really will help you feel less burnt out and make your own self more of a priority in your world. So here’s your reminder to love yourself more, be a little more kind to yourself and take certain cues when you recognize your body is feeling a little more exhausted than usual. You don’t deserve to burn out ever, especially in a stressful pandemic.