A Radio Hosts Mental Health Check In With You


Well…here it is, the mental health catch up that you get but didn’t ask for!

A few months ago I was writing these check ins more regularly, talking about my personal mental health struggles during the pandemic, as well as going through a very tough break up combined with changes at work. I am happy to report that life since then has shifted. I moved into a new space a few months ago, my routine at the gym has been paying off and really helping my mental state and I’ve been afforded a lot of different opportunities inclusive of ones that help out our LGBTQ2s+ community. It’s been nice.  But to be honest with you, it almost felt too good to be true. Like I knew I was having a really rough go for a while there (most of us were) but I didn’t believe my life could shift so quickly just by changing a few dynamics. But here I am today, writing again about my mental health because you guessed it…she’s slippin’…again! OF COURSE it was too good to be true- you can’t ride a happy wave forever, that’s just not how life works.  And what I realized today was that’s okay. It’s okay for you to thrive for a while, to have a break, to ride the high and then have things change. That’s life. However, I don’t think I realized that until typing it out this moment. Did you catch that? I did not REALIZE it’s okay to have moments where it switches up. Where you think to yourself “holy sh** what am I doing with my life because it feels like such a goddamn mess” as you’re surrounded by empty ice cream containers, chocolate sauce and clothes that smell stale. Because when you’re stuck in those chocolate sauce surrounded, smellin’ like you haven’t showered in god knows how long moments you truly do feel like a failure and that the world is ending. Quick reminder you’re not, it's not. And you’re allowed to have days, weeks, months where you fall apart. But I want you to remember those moments are temporary, just like everything else in life. You will be on this rollercoaster ride for quite some time friend, so make sure you are kind to yourself and remember that when you are low, chances are a dip back up is going to happen soon. It has to… your ride isn’t over yet. So be patient with yourself. Be kind to you. And remember, it’s okay to not always have things look or feel so shiny and squeaky clean. You’re doing the best you can (especially during a flippin’ pandemic).


Love you YYC,

Kylee Roman