A Remembrance Day Thank You.


Tomorrow is Remembrance day where we stop everything and pay tribute to those who served and are serving. It's a day where we thank the brave men and women who protect us every single day. There are so many different ways to say thank you and to support. So this weekend I found two listeners who are supporting the troops in different ways. Khan and his family were out ALL weekend in the freezing cold collection donations for the Veterans Food Bank. It’s so amazing to see how their entire family got together for this amazing cause. Not even the weather can stop them from helping our Veterans. A big thank you to Khan and his family, they are not the only people we talked to this weekend.


Aimee texted in and talked about her brother is currently serving overseas at the moment. We had to get her on the phone and know more. He will be missing Christmas with his family because he is currently stationed in Egypt for 6 months. Listening to her talk about her brother will break you down into tears in no time. It’s so incredible that our troops risk their lives to protect us and our freedom. We can never thank them enough. So it’s important that we let them know as much as we can how much we truly care about them. Make sure you pay your respects tomorrow and show your support for our amazing troops.