A Thank You Letter from a Girl Who Has Been Getting Her Period for 14 Years


I’ve been bleeding once a month since I was 12.

I know that’s a crazy drastic way to put it, but it’s true. It’s hard for people who don’t bleed to understand what it’s like. Sometimes I wish I could sit down all of the boys and men in the world and be like… remember how simple life was when you were 12? Imagine having to navigate blood pouring out of you in unimaginable amounts for 7 days of every month. Now imagine if that blood was associated with pain, uncontrollable mood swings, being called a “bitch” for acting the way you were acting, and then on top of that… being asked to keep it quiet because no one wants to hear about it. It’s too “gross”.

Guess what? It is kinda gross! It’s blood excreting from your body. Is this enough detail for you? Good! It’s the kind of thing that we don’t have a choice in… because whether you want it or not, women, non-binary people and Trans men will have to deal with this until they hit menopause (the thing that happens when you’re older and stop getting your period).

Truthfully… periods are not that fun. They cause a bunch of turmoil for your whole life. They always hurt, they prevent you from doing fun things sometimes, it makes having a sex a difficult task, and sanitary products are wildly overpriced. Like, seriously it’s a problem. They’re also a beautiful thing though, because it means our bodies are ready to bare children, start families, that we’re functioning the way we’re “supposed to”. They are one hell of a burden, though.

Now you may be in the same boat as me, nodding your head along to all of these weird things us women have to deal with when it comes to periods. Now if you’re on the boat that I’m on… you’ve never had to worry that you were going to start to bleed, and you wouldn’t be able to afford the products you need while that’s happening. If you’ve never felt that way, there is no way of knowing what it’s like.

I, too, have been privileged in that regard.

I, too, have never had to wonder what I was going to do when my period came literally pounding at the front door, if not breaking right through it. If you have one, you see what I’m saying.

That is why Operation Period is so f*ck*ng IMPORTANT. There are women, non-binary people and trans men who cannot afford these products. It’s called period poverty. We’ve been trained to keep periods so quiet that period poverty may be something that has quite literally never crossed your mind. If it hasn’t you’re one of the lucky ones and here’s how you can help.

We have teamed up with the Calgary Drop In Centre for OPERATION PERIOD and the Tampon Takeover. If you’d like to help end period poverty in this city click HERE.

Periods are a beautiful thing, but they’re also a pain in the A**… among other places.

Thank you so much for your help, it means more than you know.