A Video of Adam Sandler Getting Turned Away at iHop Went Viral and He Responded


I don’t know about you, but I’d literally die for Adam Sandler.

Like, I don’t care what the situation is – if Adam Sandler were there I’d actually do it. I’m like truly deeply convinced that we’re honestly soulmates as weird as it may sound. Like, you know when couples have pre decided upon “hall passes” where it wouldn’t count as cheating if you happened to have a “one off” situation with said celebrity? Well, if you and I have anything in common… that’s Adam Sandler for us.

A video on Tik Tok recently went viral because a worker at iHop informed a man in a mask (who happened to be Adam Sandler) that there was going to be a wait for a table, because she didn’t realize it was him. I mean, if there’s no tables there’s no tables so there’s not much she could’ve done, but the best part of it all is that she didn’t realize it was him until after he left when they checked the tapes.


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This video went completely viral, and iHop didn’t react to it on social media whatsoever, but finally a couple of weeks after the initial video “popped off” as the kids and I say… Adam put out a tweet acknowledging it in a humorous way that only Adam Sandler could. This is what he said:



Notice that I refer to him as just “adam” because that’s what potential lovers do.

Anyway, we can always count on this man to make us laugh and smile through the hard times, even after he’s denied a table when all he probably wanted was a quick hungover breakfast.