A Woman From Calgary Is On Jeopardy!

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Imagine coming to Canada as an immigrant at only eight years old and having Jeopardy! to thank for helping you learn English! That was Kristyna Ng’s reality after she immigrated from China. I mean, yeah, Jeopardy!  helped but she also studied dictionaries and encyclopedias a ton!

Now things have come full circle because she gets to meet the man who helped her learn a new language, Alex Trebek.

When she first came to Canada, Kristyna knew the very basics of English but with the help of her elementary school teacher and the help of the famous game show, she learnt the language very quickly!

"Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! were the soundtrack of my life," Ng says. “So every night I would practice… then Jeopardy… in terms of understanding what the clue was asking, and my ability to interpret and understand and ... answer it correctly."

Kristyna said that the questions "were really hard at the beginning — probably getting zero correct…as I watched it more and more every day, it became easier."

Today Ng speaks three languages and is a corporate strategist here in Calgary! Yasss girl, represent!

Last April, her husband signed them both up for the online test to qualify for the show. Then October came around and that’s when she got the amazing news that she’d be on the show!

Now is where we get to hear the inside scoop about that sweet angel, Alex Trebek! Apparently Ng found him super genuine and humble, inclusive of how he was with fans in the audience.

Kristyna said getting there was a “bucket list” experience but how amazing is the story of HOW she got there!

We can cheer on our home town hero (February 11th) as she plays the iconic game show!