Alex Trebek’s Family is Donating His ‘Jeopardy!’ Wardrobe to Charity ‘


The past year has been eventful to say the least, and we have seen a ton of headlines that we hoped we’ve never see, and that we definitely hope to never see again. One of them being that Alex Trebek was suffering from a very severe form of cancer, and one of them being that he had passed away from the disease that plagues so many lives each year.

Alex Trebek is a legend. He’s a household name like no other, and it was incredibly sad to hear of his passing, but we all know one thing for sure and it’s that his legacy will live on for lifetimes as one of the most loved television hosts of all time. Witty, smart, kind… all of it. He will live fondly in our hearts forever.

His family is now helping to ensure that part of his legacy goes to a good cause, where he will continue to live on in the closets of the less fortunate. After hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ in a suit for years and years, you can only imagine how many suits Alex likely would’ve accumulated. His family is ensuring that said suits are going to the people who need them most.

It sounds like a lot of them are being donated to homeless and formerly homeless men. This is a good deed which is a testament to the good man that we all will remember as Alex Trebek. Watching ‘Jeopardy!’ will never be the same, but we will keep watching old episodes to keep his memory alive… and knowing about these suits going to such a good cause is such an incredible way to keep a legacy alive.