All ‘Disney Store’ Locations in Canada Are Set to Close before the End of Summer


According to reports, all Disney Store locations are set to close by the end of the summer in Canada.

This hasn't been confirmed, so hopefully it ends up being not completely true. It’s always sad to catch wind of the closure of a major chain of stores. It sounds like they’re only planning on closing the Canadian locations which means there is hope for the ones in the states, but it is still sad nonetheless.

If you’re anything like me, this more than likely won’t directly affect you as you do not spend a ton of time perusing through the Disney store, but I’m not going to lie I do find myself making a stop in there more often than not while taking part in a walk through the mall, solely for the mental solace it brings to scope out some of the Disney items, costumes and stuffed animals that the store is equipped with. Also, not going to lie… I live for the stuffed versions of ‘Baby Yoda’ and often stop in just to look at them and squish them, don’t tell anyone though.



The main element of sadness and frustration that comes with a major closure like this is the general lack of jobs that this creates, and the problems that will now arise for all of the employees who will essentially end up unemployed as all of these stores close their doors across the country.

The plus side, though, is that usually a closure comes hand in hand with a blowout sale, so if you’re super into Disney memorabilia, this could be your chance to land some for a super good deal before we lose the ability to shop at these store locations in person.

Fingers crossed that they keep their online stores open so that we can still have access to all of the magic, even if it’s only virtually.

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