An Adults ONLY Travelling Mini Putt Course Is Coming To YYC!


YYC, we both know that as restrictions are lifting we’re looking forward to doing things we haven’t done in a HOT minute, which also includes doing things we’ve maybe never had the opportunity to do before. *Travelling mini golf course enters the chat* Calgary get ready to get stoked because an adults only mini- golf course is travelling across Canada this summer and is being put on by Grey Goose, which also means that with your $21 ticket purchase you get a free bev. ICONIC. The course only has 9 holes but apparently doesn’t skip out on making them challenging for you. The travelling mini golf tour startings in Toronto in July then finishes up in September in Vancouver but only stays in a city for 9 days so you really have to make sure you snag your tickets quick to enjoy the experience. It’s going to be in YYC on August 22 at Fort Calgary so if I were you I’d put that in your iPhone calendar ASAP Rocky since I know you don’t want to miss out on this experience. You can actually go purchase your tickets right now (which I'd reccomend doing). If you wanna check out more on The Smooth Putt and grab your tickets just go HERE! Oh and friend, just remember…even if you absolutely suck at mini putt, no stress cause it’s put on by Grey Goose so you know the cocktails will help ease the pain of the putt.