An Official Friends Cookbook Is Coming So You Can Make Recipes From The Show, Like Rachels Trifle

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Chances are if you clicked this you are a die hard Friends fan, or at least know one! There's been rumours about this book for awhile but now it's officially here!!

Friends the Official Cookbook, written by Amanda Nicole Yee,(who must be the worlds biggest Friends fan) and it's gonna be here Sept 22! It's gonna cost ya $29.99 on Amazon

It's got over 90 different recipes from the show - what comes top of mind?? Rachels trifle? oh yea baby it's in there! Phoebes "faceless foods"their classic Friendsgiving feast. a pastrami sandwhich for our dear Joey and of course some damn good eats from Monica's kitchen!! mmm





Sounds like each recipe includes step-by-step instructions and modifications to accommodate home cooks of all levels. Episodes of the show are also paired with each recipe so once you’re ready to eat, you can watch the episode that matches the dish — like with Joey’s favorite meatball sub. In “The One with The Ride-Along” Chandler, Ross and Joey are riding in a cop car when they think someone is shooting at them. Joey covers Ross, making Chandler jealous, but in reality, Joey was just trying to save his sub.LOL!!


YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!! click here to pre order it from Amazon!! (or even better support your local bookshop and ask them to order you a copy!!)