Apparently They're Postponing Halloween In Montreal


Can you REALLY post pone a holiday?

Like… if it were Christmas and a gigantic blizzard were coming, would we move the holiday to a week later? If it were Thanksgiving and a wind storm was about to blow through, would we have dinner the following Sunday instead to make it easier on everyone? Maybe Halloween is SLIGHTLY different, solely because it involves a whole lot of teeny tiny baby angels in cute teeny tiny little costumes going door to door and asking for candy… but still, can this actually be a thing? Is it possible?

Rumor has it that due to a large amount of rain, they’ve decided to “postpone” Halloween in Montreal. Again, if you’re anything like me you truly didn’t know this was allowed.               How do you just change a holiday? And how do you properly get the word out? Is it an old school door to door situation… where the Mayor goes around and tells each and every citizen that Halloween is being postponed to a later date as if it’s a Fleetwood Mac concert in Calgary?

The main question I’d personally like the answer to is… what if some people don’t hear about it? What if there’s an elderly couple who lives every new day only to make it to another Halloween and give out candies to the precious children. What if they don’t have social media, or cable, or internet… and they miss out on the news? What if they sit there all night just WAITING?

OR, what if a family misses the memo and takes their poor child trick-or-treating and NO ONE has any candy for them. These are all reasons why I pose the question… can you REALLY cancel Halloween? Or holidays in general? If yes, then let’s get on board.

“I know it’s technically New Years but, we’re broke so, next week…. Sound good?”