Apple Announces the iPhone 12 Mini the iPhone 12 AND A Smart Speaker Called ‘Home Pod’


It seems that Apple has been announcing new things since the day we were all born. It seems like just yesterday, and this is definitely going to age me, that I was sitting in my mom’s backyard fighting with her as to why it isn’t a good idea to bring my iPad mini to school. Yes, iPad mini.

When I say iPod mini, I’m talking about the one that was like thicc as they come, and they were metallic colors with black and white screens and a REAL headphone jack (we still have trouble understanding why they took those away but it’s fine Apple,  we still love you).

I guess they’re bringing back the idea of the “mini” – because they just announced the iphone 12 mini, and the regular iPhone 12. I know a lot of people are like “I can’t keep up, they’re always releasing something new… may as well wait for the iPhone 13 cause it’ll be here in no time” – I mean, fair… but also if we were always waiting for the next one, we’d never get a new phone would we?

They’re calling these phones “the next generation”. They all have 5G capabilities which is super cool, and obviously they have some new bells and whistles that we’re all dying to get our hands on.

They also, excitingly enough, announced a new smart speaker called the Home Pod and it starts at $99 which ain’t even as bad as you’d think! It’s obviously equipped with Apple Music and even the iheartradio app!! WOO (shameless plug!).

I hate to be the one to tell you... but the phones will no longer come with headphones or a charger to reduce their carbon foot print, which kind of sucks but what can you do?! 

If you’re an apple person, then you’re stoked… and if you’re like me and you’re an apple person but also wildly financially unstable – you’re just worried about how you’re going to afford these new products, but it’s exciting nonetheless.