Barbados Wants You To Work Remotely From The Island For A Full Year!


How's working from home going? Well it could be getting a major upgade! Looks like the Barbados Prime MInister Mia Mottley has said her government is considering letting visitors stay and work remotely from the island for a year.

Barbados has started to relax some of their covid rules and opened up their borders yesterday! But with short term travel not being too much of a thing right now they thought the perfect way to stimulate the economy would be allow for much longer Visas to people visiting so they can stay up to a year! 

It has introduced physical distancing of three feet and is allowing social events with up to 500 people! They've had 98 cases of Covid-19 in Barbados and seven deaths total since March.

Would this be something you would be into?! How long do you think it would take for your boss to notice??