Beauty of the Week: Man Turns Cubicle into Log Cabin


You know the saying Happy Workers are Productive Workers? Well sometimes you can only be as happy as your surroundings. Sometimes that means having a really sweet coffee machine that makes delicious fancy caffeinated beverages (SHOUT OUT PLANET COFFEE!), sometimes that means having Co-Workers that are up for chatting Bachelor with you every single week and in some cases that happiness comes from being able to make your surroundings AWESOME.

An employee at a company called Simple Modern asked his boss if he could decorate his cubicle. We all know how boring cubicles can be and his boss was nice enough to let him go for it. But he did not expect THIS to happen! Dude turned his cubicle into a WOOD CABIN SET IN THE MOUNTAINS! The tour of it has gone super viral! 





It’s complete with wood paneling, a fireplace, bear skin rug and even mounted mooseheads…but super cute stuffie versions! The boss absolutely LOVED his employee’s creativity and passion for making work an enjoyable place to be SO much that he’s actually giving an allowance to all of the employees to make decorate their workspace. We spend more time at work than we do at home and for helping us realize that we don’t have to settle for the standard boring for walls…or half walls in a cubicles case, this man is our BEAUTY OF THE WEEK!