Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Just Launched An Ice Cream For Dogs


Tell me you have a dog without TELLING me you have a dog, I’ll start…you clicked this article ha-ha.

Unless you’re a pet owner people won’t get how rad this is!! We love our furry friends more than anything and ANYTHING we can do to show them how obsessed we are with them…well hell…we’re gonna do it. Including, buying them fancy dog ice cream that’s probably expensive?

start to look for Ben & Jerry’s dog ice cream in frozen aisles at your local pet store (assuming they carry it) They will eventually include them in grocery stores too, and if you mix them up it won’t be the WOOOORST thing because although you would think the flavours would be like butt sniff swirl, or rabbit poop (if you live near Lindsey park you get it) ha-ha they’re actually pretty tasty!! The treats come in two flavors, with a sunflower butter base; Pontch's Mix has frozen peanut butter, pretzel swirls and was named after a little Frenchie bulldog that’s in the office! Rosie's Batch has creamy pumpkin and mini, pup-friendly cookies.