Boston Pizza Has Added Tiny Chairs To Their Tiny Pizza Tables


We all have dreams about pizza.

We have dreams about ALL different kinds of pizza. Pepperoni, cheese, double meat, vegan… even if we’re on a constant health kick and don’t ever go the distance when it comes to actually ordering a pizza, we dream about it. There is a pizza dream that you’ve always needed to come true, though. You may not even realize it was something you’ve desperately wanted until it happened, which is now.

The best part about this is that it isn’t some tiny pizza chain on the other side of the world, or in the heart of New York City that you have to take a trip to, to take advantage of this experience. It’s our very own neighborhood food joint and pub, Boston Pizza that has gotten on the greatest pizza train of all time.

So don’t pretend that when you were little, or even now, you didn’t picture those little miniature white plastic figurines that come on top of pizzas as the perfect sized table for a tiny little toy. A Polly Pocket, or a small Barbie if you will. Well, Boston Pizza has the same caliber of imagination as you do, because they have gone the extra mile and have added little tiny CHAIRS to go with the little tiny table. Does that not make you audibly want to say “AWWWWW” – ‘Cause it does for me!

It is part of a Boston Pizza campaign, and by no surprise has gone viral because it is just so cute. I mean, it’s a mini patio. Mini anything is the BEST, so the fact that it incorporates imagination and the best food known to man makes it even better.

Now excuse me while I throw away my meal prep and order a pizza for lunch, just solely so I can experience this MAGIC.