Bumper Cars On Ice Are Coming To Calgary!!

It’s a little hard to keep anything but a sour taste in your mouth regarding winter when it always hits us SO early here in Calgary. I mean, let’s get real… it was Autumn for 72 hours before we got dumped with snow for three days straight, making it a little hard to have any respect for mother nature at all. Winters in these parts of the world are always super rough, and it’s almost fun to tell everyone how much WORSE we have it than they do. We never forget to mention the contrast in temperature between yesterday and today… it’s almost a super negative bragging right in its own way. So what are we expected to do when so many GOOD things happen in our part of the world when the winter comes?! I mean… the skiing scene out in Banff and Lake Louise is outstanding, our downtown core during the holidays is perfect, pop up Christmas bars are magical... when you think of it like THIS, it kind of seems like we have it ALL. Well, now we have it all, and then some. Say it with me, “BUMPER CARS ON ICE”. You can’t make this stuff up. You’ll believe it when you see it, but they’re definitely going to be bringing ‘bumper cars on ice’ to a Calgary ice rink this winter. They haven’t ironed out the exact details just yet, but once they do we’ll be soaring (literally). Apparently it’ll cost around $30 for a 12 minute ride, which seems a little costly, but you can’t put a price on memories (even though according my credit card, you absolutely can). It sounds like it’ll be QUITE the party with DJ’s and all. I feel like it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing each other there. More details will be posted closer to when it all goes down.