Calgary City Council Might Allow Alcohol Consumption In Parks This Summer

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Finding places to drink in Alberta right now is… well, risky!

It’s risky in many ways, really! I’m all for supporting local businesses and will do whatever I can in the name of that – but there are several reasons why going out and drinking right now just aren’t working in many of our favors. One reason being the astronomical amount of cases right now, the second being the idea of planning a day of drinking verses the likelihood of actually being able to get a spot on a patio, and the fact that seating is limited to your bubble or household.

As you may have heard, indoor dining is a big no no right now all across the province and in other provinces alike as we make our final stride in the race against COVID 19. There were some suggestions rolling in about maybe a beer garden or something of that essence opening in bigger public spaces so that we have the option to drink in a more socially distanced way… because when you’re on a patio you’re either up close and personal with others, or you’re alone.

This is a really cool motion, honestly, and if you’re social like me and also enjoy a good wobbly pop once in a while, you’d probably love the ability to take your blanket and a few White Claws down to Prince’s Island Park and enjoy your friends from a wide social distance.

Apparently this is a conversation that they’re actually going to have, and I’m sure it won’t be long before we hear about whether or not this motion is moved forward or stopped before it even begins. With this would also come a need for diligence and consistency on our behalf when it comes to keeping even the outdoor gatherings small, and throwing our garbage away… but that’s a small price to pay for what I’d definitely refer to as the greater good.

Fingers crossed!