Calgary Is Going to Hit Positive Temperatures This Week



Like, it’s so cold. I know that we live in Calgary which has led to the most common and also most dreaded small talk always being about the weather. To be fair, though, the small talk in regard to the weather lately is not small. It’s just a lot of loud shrieks as people come in from the cold talking about how they can’t feel their hands and feet.

Like, the fact that we live in a place where there are time limits on weather reports as to how long you can spend outside without putting yourself in danger of getting frostbite is absolutely absurd. If you’ve been out walking your dog or running in this weather I seriously applaud you because it’s terrifyingly cold out there.

Here are the things though. Living in a place like Calgary does have its perks. What are they, you might ask? CHINOOKS. Like, name one other city where it’s -35 and then +2 within a matter of hours. That’s the kind of contrast we’re about to see happen over the next couple of days. If you’re a person whose head hurts in direct correlation with rapidly changing weather, then this may not be the best news for you… but I’m just going to point out that with patios open now and sitting outside would be far more enjoyable in the conditions that are coming up right now!

REJOICE CALGARY,  this chinook is going to feel super good.