Calgary Malls Can Reopen As Early As This Week


As you are well aware, the COVID 19 pandemic has changed life as we know it, and it has happened very quickly. Weeks ago, it was deemed that only essential services would remain open, and the mall did not fall under the category of “essential service” though I am sure that some of us wish it did (only because online shopping takes forever sometimes, haha). Even the biggest shopaholics, though, understand the severity of the situation and why a lot of non-essential places, like malls, had to be closed down.

In the coming weeks, a reopening plan in phases will be put into place, as an attempt to get things back to normal… or our new normal, as people are calling it. There are three phases, and phase one included shopping malls, which means that we could see the reopening of shopping malls happen as early as this week. The malls won’t look like they once did, though. Things will be very different when it comes to shopping, which comes hand in hand with the need to social distance while we do ANYTHING these days, so shopping can’t be any different.



If you’ve been to a grocery store any time since the beginning of March, you’ve seen the arrows and experienced the one way isles that they’ve implemented to protect us from getting too close to each other. I can only assume the same practices will happen in the mall. I can picture it in a way that there will be arrows for direction of walking and a certain amount of people allowed per store.

I know many of us have become pro online shoppers in the midst of this, if we weren’t already – and a lot of us won’t see any rhyme or reason to go to the mall during a crisis. If I can humbly suggest anything, it would be to treat the mall like you would any other errand. Go if you need to but do it all at once instead of making constant trips, wash your hands, steer clear of others… and enjoy! What a privilege malls are, and we never even knew it.