Calgary to Lower the Residential Speed Limit from 50 to 40 km Per Hour


I don’t know why but I can’t stop thinking of this as a plot line for a new movie starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. Hear me out… there’s a couple living in the Calgary suburbs and they’re fighting to the death to be sure that the Calgary residential speed limit gets lowered and they take it to court and they win… I mean, I’d watch anything with Paul Rudd in it, so that seems pretty sweet to me.

Anyway, this was a very roundabout way of filling you in on the fact that this was actually the consensus of the vote a couple of days ago and as of May 31 of this year, all residential speed limits will be lowered from 50 to 40… and if you’ve never seen the movie “This is 40” then none of what I’ve said up to this point makes sense to you… except for the fact that I promise you these new speed limits aren’t a movie plot, they’re actually going to happen, so keep your eye out.

I mean, there’s nothing to fight about when it comes to stuff like this. Residential areas are tight fit and full of children and the slower the better. When you’re driving through a residential area being alert and taking it slow is never a bad thing so a lot of people are looking forward to this change. If you’re anything like me you have a habit of forgetting what the speed limit is from time to time, but at least now you have some fair warning that in a couple of months the speed limits will be changing, and not abiding to the rules will definitely have consequences.

Mark it in your calendars and get practicing!