Calgary Will Allow Restaurant Patios To Expand Onto Sidewalks For Social Distancing Purposes


The fact that we’re even using the word patio in the midst of a pandemic is like… shocking, unexpected, cool, scary, and weird. It’s all of the things, truly. I know a lot of people have mixed emotions in regard to whether or not restaurants and bars should even be opening yet. This mix of emotions and opinions is typical in a day to day setting, let alone a crisis, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Truthfully, though, if these locations don’t open up sooner than later, it may cause a ton of trouble in the future financially, doing even more damage than has already been done.

Anyway, I am not an expert CLEARLY, but I do know that there is a sense of hope that comes hand in hand with normalcy and routine and that is the vibe we’re catching when we get word of patios not only opening in the city, but expanding. These expansions will help to ensure the safety of all of us, while still allowing us to live our lives this summer, which is all we can really ask for.

Restaurants, bars and malls are all included in phase one of the reopening, and a lot of these places are set to re-open this week. Many places will voluntarily remain closed until more clarity and light are shed on the situation, but restaurants with patios are in luck because the city has voted to allow them to expand their patios onto sidewalks free of charge, otherwise a reopening may not be possible.

I feel like supporting local is extremely important, especially in times like this. Going to bars and sitting on patios are experiences that we’ve been lacking socially, and no one is to blame for wanting to experience these things. It’s great that we have this opportunity to do these things again, but we should remember that everyone wants a turn. These things can also be fun in doses. Do your thing, take precautions, wash your hands, and enjoy these privileges as they’re returned to us.