Calgary Woman Goes Viral On TikTok for Cracking a Beer on Her Skate and Shot Gunning It In Canmore


It’s the ~aesthetics~ for me.

Quarantine and self-isolation have been a learning curve for so many of us. I mean, before all of this COVID stuff took over each and every one of our lives, we used to do anything we wanted to keep ourselves busy. Sure we’d take part in outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding and skating when the winter months rolled around, but we’d also have drinks in bars and stand close to each other and and share things and be merry in doors without masks on. That’s not a thing anymore, like at all.

Now, especially with the new restrictions and guidelines rolled out for Alberta as of last week, people are doing their best to stay busy, stay active, and stay in contact with close friends and family without breaking the rules… and the results of the creative ways people are doing this are incredibly entertaining to say the least.

A video posted by a woman in Calgary went viral on everyone’s favorite quarantine app, TikTok, yesterday, along with another video in the same location. Sure it’s super aesthetically pleasing when you take videos out in the mountains no matter what you’re doing… but I think this one went viral solely for its full Canadian spirit, social distancing, and also some undeniable multitasking skills.



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In the video, Cara is on skates and she uses the back end of her skate to crack open a beer and shot gun it while still sliding down the ice. It’s quite literally the most Canadian (and most impressive) thing ever!

The video was taken at Gap Lake near Canmore, and just in case you’ve been searching for things to do with friends at a social distance, I’m not telling you to do it… but I’m also not telling you not to.

She also posted this one for your viewing pleasure. 



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