Canada Takeout Is Urging Canadians to Make Every Wednesday #TakeOutDay


Things are so weird right now. People are losing their jobs left right in center, waiting in virtual lines for government funding to make up for devastating losses, and life as a whole is just not currently what it once was. Something that we may be overlooking, though, is small businesses and how they’re being impacted. Overlooking may not be the right word, but if you’re not in the situation yourself, the severity can be easily downplayed even if you’re not in it firsthand. There are a ton of small businesses around that are continuing to do online orders, and call ahead and curb side pickup. Traffic is still much slower than normal, though… which could totally be predicted.

Canada Takeout is urging Canadians to make every Wednesday #TakeOutDay for this exact reason. After years and years of normalcy, or a life time of it for most of us, takeout isn’t something that a lot of us have normalized. For financial reasons, health reasons and personal reasons, for many of us it’s not something that we do often. This is why I think this is such a cool initiative.

A lot of people are struggling financially right now with the current social climate, and it is completely understood as to why many people very likely wouldn’t be able to swing a takeout day every Wednesday, let alone ever… with the way things are going with the economy right now. So, don’t feel as though those facts are being discounted because they are not. What Canada Takeout is doing is encouraging to eat local, if you have the means, on Wednesdays. This way, you get the comfort that takeout brings most people, you’re supporting local, and you’re doing something in a group initiative with other people, which is exactly what we need right now.

The more we can unite with, the better. I hope you enjoy your takeout tonight if you choose to take this route.