Canadians Can Apply To Live In The Bahamas For 2 Months FREE Through AirBnB


This beautiful chinook we have been having is coming to an end unfortunately as of Sunday we are looking at -5 and -10 on Monday. Another cold snap is on the way but hey! If you're looking to dip oh I dunno maybe to a beautiful and stunning carribean island for 2 months - Airbnb wants to give you a free place to stay!

In efforts to help rebuild and boost tourism after the torture Hurrican Dorian did (and now I'm curious too about the unfortunate and sad Jamaican earthquake that affected Jamaica and Cuba today too)

All you need to be is...
1. Canadian
2. Over 18
3. Able to travel between April 1- May 30th
4. Have a valid passport

You are eligible!! looks like airbnb will be picking 5 canadians to help lend a hand to our neighbours to the south(east a bit) and have an unforgettable life long memory while doing so!!

You'd work with conservationists, marine biologists and horticulturists re planting, re growing and rebuilding their beautiful eco system

Airbnb contest

But ya gotta get on it!!Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, February 18, 2020. CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE AIRBNB BAHAMAS SABATICAL