Cochrane Humane Society Has 75 Puppies Right Now And Need Your Help!


As the cold approaches more and more pups are in need of a loving home!!  The Cochrane Humane Society has got their hands full right now! Literally! with 75 puppies they aren't able to keep them all at the shelter! Here's what they posted on their FB page...

We currently have over 75 puppies in our care right now (not yet ready for adoption) and are in desperate need of fosters! What’s involved? You would provide a safe warm space, such as a spare room in your house or even space in a heated barn, shop, garage or basement. We would provide the food, bedding, medical care and other necessities. You would need to be able to bring your foster animals to the shelter for any scheduled vet check-ups and procedures (these occur Monday-Friday). The average foster time ranges from 2-8 weeks and is flexible enough for most lifestyles. It makes a world of difference for the animals, and the shelter staff! Please fill out the volunteer application on our website if you are able to help and email our volunteer coordinator after completing the application so you can be fast-tracked.

So if this has been something you have been thinking about wether it be just you, you and your partner or your whole family now is the time!!

And if you need a little convincing...( as long as you're able to give it the time and love it needs) DOGS ARE THE BEST there is literally nothing better than the feeling of truly unconditional love a pooch has for you! If you're having a bad day? all that melts away when you see their wagging tail and shiny bright smiley (toungue sticking out of) face!

And even if you can't commit to having a dog for yourself even if you're able to foster a few it would help a ton!