Daily Dose with Danaye (November 6, 2020).

Alberta added about 800 new COVID-19 cases yesterday and Dr. Hinshaw dropped some pretty disturbing stats: over 20% of active cases in Calgary went out while experiencing symptoms-to work, to the store, to parties. Just says that’s super concerning and a big factor in the massive spike in cases, reminding people that if they are feeling sick at all, to stay home.  





The American Election is no closer to be decided, but yesterday was a super dramatic day as Donald Trump continued to file lawsuits claiming voter fraud and basically just yelling…Anderson Cooper had this insanely scathing reaction to Trump’s Press Conference that’s gone super viral. 





Wow. Talk about a mic drop. 

And in other reality TV News: 

The Least Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert in History!! Bachelorette CLARE HAS FOUND HER MATCH. We all knew it was coming, but it was still equal parts heart warming, brain numbing and body cringing to watch it all unfold as Clare left 16 men in the lurch to proclaim her love to Dale Moss just weeks into the Bachelorette process. She cancelled a cocktail ceremony in favour of a one on one with Dale, which turned into a camera free fantasy suite night which turned led to Clare telling the rest of the guys things were donezo with them. Dale got down on one knee and Clare said yes. 





It's not all bad news for the remaining suitors though! In the 2nd least spoiler alert spoiler alert: Tayshia Adams, previously of the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, was introduced as a second chance for the guys and I can not WAIT to see their reaction to her being the one they have a chance with next week! Tayshia is AMAZING and I’m not to only one in Bachelor Nation to think that! 



Harsh…but true… hahaha 

The Weeknd is out with new music today….and he sings in SPANISH! Whoa. Check out this steamy video for Hawai. 



Disney has announced a Lego Christmas Movie will begin streaming on Disney+ on November 17th! Here’s the first look: