Dairy Queen is Bringing Back Their Butterscotch Dipped Cone 12 Years Later


Sometimes it takes a tiny reminder for you to be able to remember something that you used to absolutely LOVE.

Do you remember when Dairy Queen had these? I literally totally forgot until they posted that they’re bringing it back. Usually in the summer they bring those blue dips or orange dips back but these butterscotch dips are a game changer, I can feel it!

They used to have this option back in 2009… which is wild because that means that 2009 was 12 years ago which is a whole other thing to worry about, but right now we just need to fixate on the fact that this tasty treat is coming back just in time for ice cream season. In case you’re unclear on what ice cream season is… its spring and summer combined because there are always so many optimal days to go get ice cream – although who am I kidding if you’re anything like me, any day is an optimal day to go for ice cream!




These butterscotch dipped cones are going to give us the opportunity to get in our pretend time machines and hop right back to the summer of 2009 where low rise jeans were totally in and there was always a chance that Avril Lavigne might randomly drop a new track for no reason other than the fact that she could.

Anyway, I digress. Just make sure you remember to make a stop in at your local DQ the second these are made readily available to us again, because I can only assume they’ll be available for a limited time… and if ice cream is life for you like it is for me, you won’t be sleeping on this!