Danaye's Daily Dose for February 22nd, 2021


COVID19 cases continued to drop over the weekend with just over 4000 active cases in the whole province and just over 300 people in hospital. However, a lot of doctors are super concerned about the growing number of variants, with Alberta now having the most per capita in the whole country. Despite less cases, the R value, the rate at which the virus spreads, crept back up over 1, which is where it was when cases started to spike back in November. Dr. Hinshaw will give an update after the weekend off later this afternoon.

As of today, anyone flying back into Canada from another country will have to quarantine at a government designated hotel for three days while they await COVID test results. 




SNL paid tribute to the biggest song in the world right now on their latest episode. One of the sketches featured a bunch of dude bros in a bar who couldn’t help but get in touch with their emotions when listening to Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo.



Olivia responded to the sketch saying that SNL doing a bit about her song was the greatest birthday present she ever could have received.



The episode was hosted by the Duke of Hastings himself, Rege-Jean Page and as if his good looks weren’t unfair enough, the man is super funny too! Check out some of his best sketches!










Some major problems for this past weekend’s outdoor NHL game. Played on a rink built on a golf course on the shore of Lake Tahoe, bordering Nevada and California in the middle of the day SEEMED like a good idea (did it?) but with the blazing sun hitting the ice just right, it turned it into pure slush, sending players from the Avalanche and Golden Knights to the ground. They couldn’t repair it and had to wait until MIDNIGHT local time to start playing again. Absolutely beautiful setting though! Spectators even ripped up on jetskis and boats to watch!




A contestant on American Idol is going super viral for channeling his Mr. Worldwide. Check out this dude, who calls himself the Mascot of Fun, doing Fireball by Pitbull



Hometown Dates on The Bachelor tonight! Now, with COVID restrictions, the families are going to the resort they've been filming at all season, so they won't exactly be going to each woman's hometown, but Matt will get a chance to meet each of the four remaining women's families!