Danaye's Daily Dose for February 3rd, 2021


Alberta now has the second most number of cases of COVID variant strains in the whole country. There are 57 cases of the UK and South African strain with some not being connected to travel. A daycare in the province is being linked to 4 cases of the variant, although Dr. Deena wouldn’t say where the daycare is, only that everyone affected by it has been contacted. In some good news, Alberta only reported 268 new cases yesterday, with a positivity rate of 3.5%




It sounds like the next season of The Bachelorette won’t be filming here after all. Due to new COVID Travel restrictions that were put into place last week, it appears the production has pulled it’s booking from the Jasper Park Lodge, where they had rented the entire resort for 9 weeks. It’s a tough blow for that community that would have seen some good revenue coming in for the hurting tourism industry, BUT with each person needing to spend $2000 for the hotel quarantine now required, you can understand the producers’ decision to now stay in the US.






The Weeknd will be performing at the Super Bowl this weekend and as we’re all getting excited for that, it’s been announced that he’ll be postponing his World Tour into 2022. He was originally supposed to be in Edmonton in June of 2020, that got moved to June of 2021,  but to be safe, the new date is now January 17th, 2022. Be listening to Virgin Mornings with Tyler, Danaye and Fuzzy, now on until 11, at 10:30 for your chance to win tickets!




I won’t pretend for a second to be excited for the big football game this weekend specifically, but gosh I love the fun of the entertainment aspect surrounding all of it. And when we can get the World’s Sexiest Man involved? YES PLEASE. Michael B Jordan revealed the first look at his Big Game Alexa Commercial and sweet lord, is he living up to his title.



Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are also in an adorable Super Bowl for Cheetos featuring Shaggy!


A Canadian Tik Tok user is helping people who have lost their sense of taste and smell to COVID. He claims that burning an orange and mixing it with brown sugar has helped both him and his mom regain their senses. Check the "recipe"!


How to get taste buds back!!! #howto #tastebud #lifehacks #health #fyp #remedy

♬ Steven Universe - L.Dre



The next batch of interim Jeopardy! Hosts has been announced! In the coming months, we’ll see CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Broadcaster Savannah Guthrie host the game show. No announcement has been made on a permanent host just yet!