Danaye's Daily Dose for February 8th, 2021


The easing of public health measures will begin today with dine in service being allowed at restaurants again and some fitness activities getting going again, although as far as those go, only one on one training is currently allowed. Some good news for kid’s sports. Over the weekend the province decided to allow practice and training for indoor and outdoor team sports, although games aren’t allowed.




The re-opening will rely on hospital numbers staying low, with the next phase kicking in if hospitalizations go below 450 AND three weeks from now and of course, new case numbers have to stay low.

The Weeknd ABSOLUTELY slayed it as Half Time performer, navigating through an insane stage set up, and being joined by choirs, orchestras and tons of bandage faced dancers.









The other performers totally nailed it as well with Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan dueting the anthem.



HER rocked our socks off with American the Beautiful



Amanda Gorman became the first poet to perform during a Super Bowl broadcast, dedicating an incredible poem to front line workers.



The Weeknd's up close performance of I Can't Feel My Face inspired the greatest memes from social media for the game!
















The Commercials were a little bit more scaled back than in past years, but some of them were still pretty great, with stars like Drake, Dany Levy, Terry Crews and more making appearances!

Dan Levy for M&M’s

Terry Crews for Honeycomb

Drake for State Farm

Jason Alexander for Tide

Michael B Jordan for Amazon Alexa

Post Malone for Bud Light

OH YEAH! And there was a football game too! Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.



If all that entertainment left you wanting more drama, The Bachelor returns tonight! It looks like a past contestant will be showing up and of course there's the one on one showdown between one of the remaining mean girls and a woman calling her out! 


Have you been following the saga of Gorilla Glue Girl?! She used Gorilla Glue to hold a braid in place THREE WEEKS AGO AND IT'S STILL STUCK! This poor girl! She went to the hospital on the weekend, but no word on if what they gave her helped!


Stiff where????? Ma hair 🀬🀬

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