Danaye's Daily Dose for February 9th, 2021

Gorilla Glue Girl

We’re in for a few more days of super cold temps, with forecasted highs of around -25 lasting until the weekend. It’s so cold that most ski hills in the area have shut down for the next few days. YIKES. Some good news: the Plus 15 network has partially reopened downtown, so it won't be quite as chilly of a walk if you're in that area. Check the map here.



As restaurants reopened to in person dining and one on one personal fitness became allowed again, the province’s new cases of COVID19 continue to fall. Only 269 new cases were announced yesterday and there are less than 450 people in hospital now. That’s the number hospitalizations need to be at for the next phase of reopening to kick in, but Dr Hinshaw reminded everyone that we need to wait 3 weeks after this phase to make sure our numbers don’t start to go up again.



If you were near the McDougall Centre on 6th ave yesterday, you would have noticed a pretty crazy sight: 300 snow penguins lined up on the steps outside of the government building. So, who braved the -30 windchill to set those all up? The Council of Alberta University students, hoping to raise awareness for and to protest cuts made to post secondary programs. 



Thank the TV Lords, This is Us is back and it couldn’t come at a better time as we’re all trying to warm up right now, and that includes warming out hearts! Will. Kevin. MAKE IT IN TIME?!?!



And an update on Gorilla Glue Girl. Tessica Brown sprayed the adhesive on her hair a few weeks ago when she ran out of hairspray and it has been STUCK EVER SINCE. After going super viral on Tik Tok with her dilemma, which has left her in quite a bit of pain, she’ll now have to go for surgery! Plastic Surgeons are going to do the procedure for free, but say it’ll take 2-3 days to complete. She’s also now suing the company that makes Gorilla Glue because it only warns not to use on skin on the label, and doesn’t mention hair. My goodness.



Stiff where????? Ma hair 🤬🤬

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