Danaye's Daily Dose for Friday April 30th

Disaster Girl

As the province announced the most COVID cases in a single day of the entire pandemic, a few more restrictions were put into place. 2043 positive cases were identified, triggering the government to put students in grades 7-12 into online learning all across the province. Indoor fitness has been shut down for at least the next two weeks and the province will work to more strictly enforce household/cohort rules on patios at bars and restaurants. There could also be curfews coming in extreme cases.




Today is the tax deadline! There’s been a big push to have the deadline pushed back again this year, with no luck. It’s a weird year with all the government benefits that have to be filed, but if you’re going to owe money, you’ll be facing penalties if you file after today.


Five people have been arrested in LA in connection to the shooting of Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker. Two of her pups were taken in the attack and her dog walker was left in serious condition after being shot multiple times. Remember how the dogs were found after a woman called in a tip in hopes of receiving the $500,000 reward? Well she and four other accomplices have now been charged with attempted murder.




Do you ever wonder where the people who appear in some of the biggest memes in the world end up? Well one of the most famous meme kids, is an adult now and she’s about to cash in. Known as Disaster Girl- the little girl starring ominously at the camera while a house burns in the background, Zoe Roth is now a 21 year old college student. Her photo seen by the world is now an NFT worth half a million dollars. She plans to pay off student loans and donate to charity with the money.




DJ Khaled’s MONSTER new album is out and the collaborations are AMAZING!

Check out Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Da Baby & Lil Baby on I did It, sampling a super famous classic rock song by Eric Clapton, Layla.

Let It Go with Justin Bieber with 21 Savage

Just Be with Justin Timberlake

Miley Cyrus has also released a new collaboration, this time jumping on a track that’s already massive. She’s joining The Kid Laroi for the Without Me remix.