Danaye's Daily Dose for January 13th, 2020


Despite still being under a lockdown, a few businesses in Alberta have opened anyway. A barber shop in Innisfail opened to customers yesterday, with the owner saying they are only taking one customer at a time and masks are still being worn. She was shut down by police but reopened an hour later and says she’ll be opening again today. A tattoo shop in Lethbridge was fined for opening yesterday but the owner says he’ll fight in court.



Dr Deena Hinshaw reported the most COVID deaths in Alberta so far yesterday, with 38 people passing away from the province. The case count has come down quite a bit with only 652 new cases from 9000 tests, just over 6% positivity. During the press conference yesterday she said the data is showing that Albertans did mostly stay just with members of their household for Christmas and thanks everyone who did that.



Disneyland is turning into a super vaccine site in California. The Happiest Place on Earth has been closed since last spring and Orange County officials want to use the massive park to get as many people vaccinated as possible. California has been hit HARD by the virus with over 31,000 people dying from it since the start of the pandemic.

Sung to the tune of It’s a Small World:

It was a world of laughter now it’s a world of tears

A world of joy taken over by virus fears

There’s so much that we share, so please, your arm bare

The vaccine might save the world after all.



The NHL is back TONIGHT. Five games are scheduled through the super different looking league that will see the Canadian teams stay north of the border, only playing each other. The Flames get their season going tomorrow night against Winnipeg.




There is video of a 16 year old Ed Sheeran auditioning for a British Music TV Show and it is HILARIOUS! Poor precious baby Ed trying to perform boyband choreography and it is SO wholesome. Skip to :32 and 2:35 for the gold.