Danaye's Daily Dose for January 14th, 2020


Alberta businesses that have been closed for the last five weeks are demanding to see the data that shows that they should be shut down over the businesses that are allowed to stay open. The Alberta Hospitality association is pushing back against the government asking why they have to bear the blame for the spread of the virus, with business owners begging to reopen so they don’t have to close for good.

A few businesses in the province have been operating even though they’re under the closure rules. The Barber Shop in Innisfail that opened its doors this week has now rebranded as a pet grooming salon, saying on Facebook, “Since pet grooming is essential service, we are groomers today, as apparently we are pets of the government. We are offering pet grooming for humans!!!!! We also have dog and cat food available for purchase." The barber shop has now been given a court order and will face fines of $5000 per day they are open. 



Crazy winds RIPPED through the province yesterday, causing a decent amount of damage in some areas. Semis were pushed off the roads on southern Alberta highways near Claresholme and the power was knocked out in Lethbridge where winds hit 120 km/hr and kids in school got a power outage day and were sent home. It was garbage day in my neighbourhood so my drive home was all about dodging those garbage cans. LOVE this Trash Can Wind Simulator from our friend Kevin Stanfield.


The Flames are BACK IN ACTION TONIIIIIGHT!!!! It’s a super weird season, but it’s hockey. In the Winter. Where we need it! They’ll take on the Jets in Winnipeg before returning home to host the Canucks Saturday night at home…not that at home games matter all that much because there’s no one there! But go Flames Go anyways!



It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get your hands on Post Malone’s Crocs. They sold out immediately when they were released a couple months ago. However, 10,000 healthcare workers in the U.S. were given a pair for free this week. Posty and Crocs partnered with Musicians on Call to donate the comfy shoes at 70 hospitals.



There’s a new grooming technique that’s becoming a trend for men! The Monkey Beard! As you can see, it kind of curls around to create a sort of monkey tail!! I WANT TYLER AND FUZZY TO DO THIS SO BAD!