Danaye's Daily Dose for January 22nd, 2021


Dr. Deena Hinshaw addressed the current health restrictions in yesterday’s press conference. Even though our cases are going down and Calgary has the lowest active case rate since mid-November, she says that the closures that are still in place won’t be lifted until the hospital rates come down. Yesterday was the day the restrictions were meant to expire, but they’ve been extended with no clear date established.

Calgary Police are asking women in the city to be super cautious after many women have reported been groped while walking alone. 15 women have been attacked in the areas of Huntington Hills, Thorncliffe, Mission and Hillhurst since November. Police aren’t sure if there is one suspect responsible for all of the incidents or if these are unrelated assaults, but do say they’ve happened at all times of the day and urge women to stay in well lit, busy areas if they have to walk alone.

A pretty big scandal in Canadian Politics yesterday, Governor General Julie Payette resigned after a report came out supporting claims of her creating a toxic work environment and was responsible for workplace harassment. This is the first time a Governor General, who is the representative for the Queen in Canada, has ever had to quit over unethical behaviour.

Joe Biden continued to make big moves on day two as the President, making mask mandatory in public buildings and for travel, re-enrolling the US with the World Health Organization, putting student loans on hold, oh and having the Diet Coke Button removed from the Oval Office. Feel like this was something just swept under the rug, but Donald Trump had a button in his office and any time he pressed it, he would get a Diet Coke brought to him on a silver platter.

Bridgerton has been renewed for a second season! It would be an absolute injustice to trash dressed up in fancy royal clothing of the 1800’s to NOT bring back the most binge worthy show on Netflix right now! No word on when it’ll start streaming, but production is planned to begin in March, so fingers crossed this just becomes a real nice Christmas tradition for us!