Danaye's Daily Dose for January 26th, 2021

T Rex Baby

Some scary news about the new strains of COVID19 showing up in the province. There are now 25 cases of the UK and South African variant combined and while most are related to travel, one case of community spread has been found, which Alberta Health Services says they are really concerned about. The new strains spread 30-50% faster and without any health measures in place, could completely unravel our health care system. So, if anyone was hoping with COVID numbers continuing to lower, that we would see health restrictions ease, with this new curve ball, we likely won’t.

It’s been one year since the death of Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and 7 others following a helicopter crash in LA. You can expect to see a lot of tributes from around the world for one of the greatest athletes of all time. Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, posted a letter she received from a friend of Gianna last night and it paints such a beautiful of the amazing girl she was.

The first T-Rex fossil has been discovered and an Alberta Scientist was a part of the team that found it! From that fossil, the scientists were able to create an image of what they believe the babies would have looked liked and OMG THEY WERE ADORABLE! They were about the size of a Border Collie when they took their first steps.

The Bachelor Producers did the women DIRTY last night. Three weeks in, with relationships getting established and heating up, they decided to crank up the drama and added 5 brand new bachelorettes to the house and people FREAKED OUT. And spoiler alert- Matt gave one of he new girls the week’s only one on one date. Oh what will smooth all of the over? How about a fun group date of kick boxing?! Yiiiikes. I legit felt really bad for all the women, the OG’s and the Newbies, because it’s ALL awkward. Will my disdain for the dirty tricks of the behind the scenes people cause me stop watching the show. Definitely probably not. But STILL.