Danaye's Daily Dose for January 7th, 2020


A day full of absolutely shocking events in the US yesterday as hundreds of Trump Supporters stormed Capitol Hill, causing a ton of politicians and staff to be evacuated, including the Vice President. One of the intruders, a woman, was shot and killed and a ton of damage was caused to the historic building- and this morning it’s being reported that 3 more people have also lost their lives. Members of congress were able to return late last night and do what they were there to do in the first place: they have confirmed Joe Biden as the President of the United States. To follow the story, follow our friends at CTV.




World Leaders also spoke out on what many call a war on democracy.





Premiere Jason Kenney FINALLY appeared for the first time since New Years Day, this time on a Facebook Livestream. During the stream he said addressed the travel scandal multiple times, saying Albertans have every right to be “ticked off”.  He also confirmed that schools will be open again on Monday and that he’ll be joining Dr Hinshaw for the press conference today to address the health restrictions that are in place. If you wanna check all that he had to say, here it is.

Flying into Canada will now officially require a negative COVID test. People who are currently outside of the country and planning to return home soon are now scrambling to find a way to get tested in another country. Some resorts are offering a rapid test, costing between 150 to 500 bucks, but for people who aren’t in an all inclusive, it’s been a struggle to track down a test, leaving some feeling stranded.

Still have your real Christmas Tree kicking around! Well, before you chuck it in the compost, have you considered eating it? HA! There is a legit cookbook by Chef Julia Georgallis that shows you different recipes on how to save your beautiful tree from the compost and savour it instead! Wanna make Christmas Tree Infused Fish, Christmas Tree Pickles OR CHRISTMAS TREE ICE CREAM?! Click here for the recipes! I’m actually a little intrigued by the Ice Cream!