Danaye's Daily Dose for Monday, April 26th


COVID numbers continue to rise in Alberta, now leading the country in cases per capita. Our weekend numbers hit the same numbers we saw in December at the peak of the second wave, with now 20,000 active cases. Many doctors and medical experts say our current measures are not enough, while our provincial government remains hopeful that the vaccine roll out will do enough to curb the overwhelming of our hospitals. The COVID Committee is meeting this morning to discuss the possibility of new restrictions.


The Oscars were handed out last night. It was a pretty sleepy awards show and felt long and dragged out, even though it was nice to see an awards show with a live studio audience! There was no "Play Off Music" to signal award winners it was time to wrap it up, so things got pretty draggy. Daniel Kaluuya won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Judas and The Black Messiah and injected a bit of life into the show with his speech, thanking his mom and dad for having sex! HA! His mom's reaction was PRICELESS!

More Winners:

* Have any Josh’s in your life? Which one’s the best? Hundreds of Josh’s in Nebraska gathered to battle for title of Best Josh in a Pool Noodle fight over the weekend. The initial challenge mandated that the battle would find only one winner who could claim ownership of the name and everyone else there would have to change theirs to something else. The victor- a little boy nicknamed Tiny Josh…who’s dad is also named Josh. SO dumb and awesome!