Danaye's Daily Dose for Monday, July 19th


It looks like we’ll be experiencing another smoky day in Calgary. An Air Quality advisory is still in place as smoke from wildfires in BC, Saskatchewan and the US blankets most of Alberta. The Air Quality sits at higher than a level 10 right now, or High Risk, and even people without underlying health problems could be having issues. A fire ban is in effect in Calgary since Friday as a way to cut down on any extra smoke. Forecasters think by tomorrow the air should clear a bit to more of a moderate risk.



Stampede 2021 is a wrap. Organizers say that even though attendance was less than half of what it usually is- about 50,000 people per day- that it was still a success. Nashville North hosted 60,000 people over the 10 days and say their program to admit vaccinated people went over really well with over 75% of people showing their proof of having the shot. The other attendees got rapid tests, with 18 people testing positive and being told to leave.



Britney Spears is definitely done keeping quiet on her social media. After years of basically only positing dancing videos, since apologizing for being not being real with her fans during her conservatorship battle, she has opened RIGHT UP. In two posts over the weekend she called out her family for the ways they’ve wronged her in the past, including her sister Jamie Lynn specifically for performing HER songs while she’s basically been forced to do whatever her dad tells her to do. For anyone who’s questioned whether or not she runs her own account or not, these posts definitely prove it’s not someone from her dad’s side as suspected.



Lebron James is now king of the box office! Space Jam 2 smashed expectations and managed to dethrone Black Widow 2 in it’s opening weekend! There were a LOT of people doubting whether the movie would succeed or not and Lebron tweeted a link to an article announcing the success of the movie with the caption “Hi Haters”.


Organizers at the Summer Games are trying to discourage athletes from hooking up in the Olympic Village and have them sleeping on beds made from cardboard. The beds are designed to only be able to handle the body weight of one person in an effort to enforce social distancing.