Danaye's Daily Dose for Monday, September 20th


It’s election day!! As some would view it, a day to stay off social media. Polls open at 7:30 and run until 7:30 tonight. If you need an information including on where to vote and what kind of ID you need click here.



Today is also the day that health restrictions go into effect for businesses in Alberta. In order for indoor dining to continue at restaurants and pubs and for fitness facilities to continue group classes those businesses will have to ask for proof of vaccine as part of the Restriction Exemption. The province created a new website that makes it WAY easier to print your vaccine record, however it is getting lit up because for some reason it comes in the form of an editable PDF.

Whew…all that today…and a full moon! What could go wrong?!

Last night was TV’s biggest night- The Crown and Ted Lasso were the big winners at the Emmy’s winning most of the acting awards and taking home Outstanding Drama and Comedy Awards respectively.





A huge shout to everyone who took part in the Calgary Marathon over the weekend! 

It sounds like there was an amazing turn out and tons of money was raised for Calgary charities!