Danaye's Daily Dose for November 17th, 2020


Alberta hit another grim milestone yesterday. 20 people died of COVID 19 in the province between Sunday and Monday and we’ve hit 10,000 active cases. No new restrictions were put in place following the high weekend number of weekend cases, with our top doctor saying it’s too early to tell if group sports and group work outs being cancelled will be enough to stop the extreme spike the virus has taken. MORE

Mayor Nenshi has been very vocal about how worried he is about COVID19 getting out of control in the city. He took to Twitter last night to urge Calgarians to NOT wait for the Provincial Government to tell us what to do, and as always, reminded us to be kind to each other through this terrible time. 


Despite no new measures being put in place yet, some businesses are deciding to scale back. The owner of Dickens Pub on 9th ave announced that they’ll be closing their doors for the next few weeks as they feel a responsibility to protect their customers. The owner wrote an incredible post about the new restrictions and the backlash his staff is getting over them and feels a break is what’s best for everyone right now. You can read more of his super well written post here. 

HOLY HOLY HOLY. Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes are teaming up for a new song and you KNOW it’s going to be a Wonder…see what I did there? This is the collaboration we’ve been asking for FOREVER! The song is called Monster and it comes out Friday! Here’s a little teaser of it that they both tweeted out last night.

Another episode of the Bachelorette is airing tonight and we already know SOMETHING that will be sent away…the moustache living on Noah’s face. Sounds like Tayshia isn’t a super fan and asks  him to shave it off!!