Danaye's Daily Dose for November 20th, 2020

bieber and mendes

Another breaking day of COVID19 cases- 1105 new cases were discovered in Alberta and 8 more people have died. There are now 61 Albertans in ICU with COVID-19- The province has 70 ICU beds reserved for these patients. No new measures.

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are out with one of the BIGGEST collaborations of the year, and most DEFINITELY the most important Canadian one. Check out Monster!

Shawn’s Netflix Documentary “I Wonder” is out on Monday and one lucky 98.5 Virgin Radio listener is going to get access to an advanced virtual screening WITH Shawn on Sunday! Be listening to win and check more info here.

Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa have released a new song together and it is SO. FREAKING. GOOD. And the video is pretty dang saucy…and bloody? And ends with a fabulous message for ex’s that everyone can agree with.

Patrick Dempsey was in Grey’s Anatomy again last night and it’s just so beautiful to have him back. He joined Ellen yesterday to talk about how many episodes he’ll be around for and while he didn’t answer the question specifically, he did say he’ll be around through out the season.

If traveling to sunny destinations is something that seems like a super far off dream, here’s some super cool news! West Jet and Air Canada have signed a deal with Hawaii to allow travel there, with the help of rapid testing. Right now, you have to quarantine for 14 days when you arrive in Hawaii, but if you test negative before traveling with Canada’s two main airlines, you can skip that and of course we’ve got a trial at the Calgary Airport for Rapid Testing right now!