Danaye's Daily Dose for November 27th, 2020

The Rock

The province gets more ICU beds ready, serious cases of COVID19 continue to rise. The number of people needing intensive care went up by 15 yesterday to 84- well over the 70 beds currently designated for COVID19 patients. 10 more people died. Dr Hinshaw pleaded with Albertans to take restrictions seriously to help slow the spread before the holidays.

Rapid Covid Testing will be arriving at Alberta testing sites in the next couple of weeks. The tests will be available only to those who have symptoms, not those who had exposure or are asymptomatic.  The results from these new tests will be made within 20 minutes of the test being taken. More Here.

A super scary scene for Calgary Transit passengers after the bus they were riding on crashed into a semi in the southeast yesterday. The crash caused the bus to also collide with a power pole on 52st and 90th ave. Six people were taken to hospital including the driver who has serious injuries.



The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had a pretty sweet Calgary Easter Egg in it yesterday! A massive Float inspired by Dwayne The Rock Johnson…but The Rock in his Sunshine Boy Fanny Pack Glory from back in the day. He tweeted that he’s been lucky enough to do some cool stuff in his day, but this might take the cake. The Rock, of course, appeared in the Calgary Sun when he played for the Calgary Stampeders back in the 1995.



Even though we don’t get the day holiday of American Thanksgiving, it is super fun to watch some of the traditions, like the National Dog Show! Best in Show was won by a dog named Claire! Ha! She’s a Deerhound and if you’ve never heard of that, the breed name is the perfect description, she looks like a smaller version of a majestic deer and according to judges, has the same grace and elegance.