Danaye's Daily Dose for Thursday, April 29th


Online learning for grades 7-12 will continue for at least another two weeks. Students were supposed to head back this upcoming Monday but with the province reporting the most COVID cases of year yesterday, the decision has been made to keep them learning from home longer than initially planned.



A new COVID testing and assessment site has been set up in the Northeast. It’s been tough to get an appointment for test over the last few weeks and test results have been delayed so a new site is welcome news. Trailers have been set up in the McKnight Westwinds LRT Parking lot. You still have to make an appointment through the AHS website or call healthlink.





We’ve got some incredible new music to get us through whatever we’re all feeling! Brand new Billie Eilish came out with new music this morning! Its called "Your Power" and it’s off of her upcoming album Happier Than Ever!




DJ Khaled also has ANOTHA ONE being released tonight, another album that is! And the COLLABS ARE HOT. Justin Bieber, Megan Thee Stallion, Justin Timberlake, Da Baby, Post Malone. Jay-Z.  Very exciting!




And I have to give some love to my brother Ryan and his band Whale and the Wolf. They're an Edmonton based band (don't hold that against them!) and they have worked their butts off on their new music! Like so many other entertainers, the pandemic has totally derailed any tour plans, but they've done a great job at focusing on getting their music out there despite that. So proud!